Wednesday, February 29, 2012

My Valentines Date

Last February 14, 2012 was i think one of the most sweetest valentines date ever. Thank you to the love of my life. :) 
He took me to a relaxing spa, it felt good. Once in a while its
nice to be pampered.
Then after the spa we went to The Oriental Hotel for
our reserved buffet eat all you can dinner.
The food was surprisingly  delicious. One of my favorite is the 
Cream puffed desert. Yummy!! Here are some photos we took in our Valentines date. :)

He's the guy who planned all this... So sweet!

And Yes this is definitely a date so I dressed fashionably.
I decided to wear this look because it has a touch of a sophisticated look and I because I love colors.
I played with blue and pink. I love this polka dots sheer blue blouse, it looks chic and the pink skirt is so cute I can't resist but to pair them. The pink shoes and feathered earrings adds life to the look. And of course some bangle bracelets and a nice shoulder bag will do. 

Yep this is Him.. The love of my life. HE never fail to make me happy. :)

The live band played wonderful love music just suits for all the in-love lovers.

And now the best part FOODS!!

I present you the delicious foods & deserts!
I haven't look all the photos of the foods because I was too busy eating.ahahaha

The delicious Cream Puffed :)

I was so surprise when he gave me this rose. I wasn't expecting any flowers
for I was already overwhelmed with the pampering spa and the delicious dinner.
Thank you baby! :)

click here to see the amenities and accommodation of The Oriental Hotel.

Wednesday, February 1, 2012


This look is inspired by Gypsy style.
Gypsies are known to be travelers because of their livihood. And when it comes to fashion I love the way they dress. Those long flowy skirts, their accessories and the way they style their selves.

This is a modern look of gypsy.

Lately I had been very so in gyspy fashion style. And I go gaga with the long flowy skirt.I want to have many colorful skirts like this.ahahah
Modern gypsy is so in! :)

Check out this beautiful skirts:
Long Skirts

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