Saturday, September 29, 2012


Lovenikita is giving away its first give away treat to launch her blog. Her give away item is so cute and adorable. So yeah I joined Lovenikita's treat give away. I want to win these items. :)

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Thursday, September 27, 2012

Peplum Skirt

About a week ago or 2 when I was so bored watching tv, I couldn't find a decent show to watch so I kept on changing the channel until I  reach the ftv show (fashion tv). Are you watching ftv too? This is the show I usually watch to check what's the new trends in fashion. As I was watching I saw this beautiful collection of clothes. And the one that I fell in love with was the peplum skirt. OMG! I just can't keep my eyes off that skirt.
I wanted to have one too.

So I browsed the net to find a cheaper price of peplum skirt. Most of them are a lil bit prizy. Sheshhhh~
But luckily I found a cheaper version of the skirt on my friends online shop. Yey!! :)

Floral peplum skirt in lavander. I paired it with purple tank top.So cute right? So happy now I own a peplum skirt too. :)
And the bonus is these skirt is so cheap.
Bought it on my friends online shop for only php220.

I still want to have one pair of peplum skirt or a dress...
So here are some inspired photos of peplums.

Don't you just want to grab some of these pretty skirts?

How to wear Peplum Skirt:

Now are you in love with peplum skirts like me??ahaahahha :)

Fashion Inspired

Don't you just wonder what fashion trends will be out soon. What's in & what's not for every season. How about next year? or next month? or next week? Fashion always surprises me a lot. Those new trends of shoes, make up, dress, shirt etc. Its just amazing seeing fashion evolves. Today it will be a hit trend then every body is buying it and the next thing you new there's a new trend again.One things for sure fashion never ends...

Every fashion has its own categories, every season has its own style. And every style and trends inspires me.
Here are some styles that are inn today. Do you go with the flow or do you have your own fashion style?
Some of the items here just makes me drool! ahahahaha :)

 Floral pants

This floral pants are so cute I want to have one. Looks refreshing and girly at the same time comfortable to wear.

The Skirts

 Look at that beautiful playful skirts. Nice right? Skirts can be worn in different occasions, birthdays, dinner, holidays, in the office or even if you just want to go for a walk. It can be flirty, girly, elegant,chic & stylish. Its inn too in every season and you can wear it with different styles, whatever you like.

How to wear Skirt

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Fashion Trends -Be inspired!

Ombre studded shorts!

I'm planning to make my own version of ombre
shorts too. I'm just so into these shorts. Looks fun and comfortable.


These cute tops can be paired with the ombre shorts...

Combat Shoes

Combat boots!! Oh! How i just love them. I have
two pairs of combat shoes too. They just look so good with shorts, leggings and pants. 

How to wear combat shoes.


Sheer tops and blouses are so in today.
You can see almost every girl is wearing one.
Different colors, different prints. It just looks good in every body and it fits well too. You can wear it with shorts, skirts, pants and leggings. I too have like 5 sheer tops. 

How to wear sheer blouse/top:

These shoes are definitely on my wish list...

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