Wednesday, April 24, 2013


Why you should hire a professional photographer?

Why not? Hiring professional photographers is a good investment.. You pay good money and 100% sure you'll get great quality of photos of you or your friends/ family that will be treasured forever.

"Sometimes its quite funny that people are willing to spend a lot money for purses, designer clothes and shoes but not for professional photographers. It is both funny and sometimes so sad! Clothes, shoes and handbags comes and goes but beautiful portraits for yourself and family will definitely last a lifetime." ~ Abigail Roma Miguel  (professional portrait photographer)
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Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Behind The Scene | Abigail Roma Miguel Portraits

Hi guys!! OMG! Its been awhile... Oh how I missed you and how I missed blogging. Yeah I know I've been really busy. So sorry for not updating. sigh! I would like to tell you guys that I've been really into taking videos. And yes I that's what keeping busy... I am inlove with videography and photography lately but more on videos of course. I think I mentioned it on my last outfit look.

So I'd like to share you these video we took for my sister who is a great photographer by the way... Check out Four Angels Photography. CLICK HERE Im sure you'll love her work.
This video is Behind the Scene of her great work.
By the way don't forget to check her new blog Life is full of Beauty. Click HERE
You might also want to check and like our page Pixie Dream Studios. Clicke HERE
Thank you so much!
Enjoy watching... :)

Behind The Scenes | Abigail Portraits from pixiedreamstudios on Vimeo.
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