Wednesday, January 11, 2012


This is my group shot... My mentor and my mom gave me a clap because it was my first firing practice but I had a good
group shot. I got nice target & strong arms!

This is my first gun firing practice.. Whiew! You couldn't imagine how nervous I am to hold a gun and I got more nervous when they told me I will actually pull the trigger. OMG!

But when I saw my mom and her friend starts firing I got excited but still a lil bit nervous. I was thinking what if when I pull the trigger point it in a wrong way and hit somebody or worst hit my self. I was terrified!

Now it was my turn and Im trying my best to control my self and be cool with it. Then my mentor thought me how to hold a gun, how to use it and told me the rules, the DO's & DONT's.He told me to make my hand stronger,firm and I should control it because the recoil of the gun shot is pretty strong.First he let me pull the trigger with no bullets yet just to let me know whats the feeling of pulling the trigger.

Then I was ready for gun shooting, the gun is already loaded. I aim it to the target board then shouted "Ready" when I'll pull the trigger. PAK! The first time I aim and shoot the gun. OMG! It was overwhelming! The gun was heavy, the recoil was strong then the sound was so loud, good thing i have an ear protection. But it was a great feeling I could not explain. Yes I'm still nervous but not too much. Then I fired my second, third, fourth shoot till the bullets are empty.

It was a very good experience. Thou it was kinda scary but it was so fun. Love to do it again! :)

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