Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Out for Dinner & Drinks

Love foods!

Yummy lasagna...

Don't you just love sale!especially on shoes... 
I really like big cars.
Colorful pouches.



Nope!your eyes aren't blurry.
NO Bullshiting...
NO Backstabbing...
No Gossiping...
No Smoking
Nice right?lol

Every weekend me and my man go out for a dinner and a few drinks. And because I'm a girl it take sometime for me to get dress.ahaha.
But i always prefer a comfortable clothes.
Anyway we had a dinner & some drinks. The nice thing about going out just the too of us is that we can have some good talks and bonding that will surely make us stronger.
 One thing i knew in a relationship to stay stronger
is a good communication.

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