Sunday, September 23, 2012

My Daily Look for Less

Hi loves!
Wow its been a long time since I last updated my
blog. Been busy doing photo shoots for
my clients. To everyone who doesn't know yet
my hobby is taking photos. Well i just
fell in love with photography. Everyone does I guess.

Today I have decided to take pictures
of my daily looks. Of what I wear almost
everyday. This is for the love of fashion. :)
Well here goes. I hope you'll like it.

This look is what I wear last Saturday.

 Because its saturday, me and sam are going to the mall for a walk.
I wear this cute yellow&pink shorts and pair it with a comfy but sexy top. 
And because its kinda gloomy outside I wore my brown leather jacket.
very comfy look for saturday :)

  • What I'm wearing:
  • Dark Brown Leather Jacket bought from a thrift store.
 I just love leather jackets.
When I'm wearing one I feel comfortable plus it adds a lil
bit attitude in your look. 

  • Ombre studded short SpotdTrend
  • Cream laced top was sale on the mall
  • Multicolored Baller
  • The wood bracelet I think we bought it from a handicraft store
  • Yellow Feather  earring
  • Leopard belt
  • Necklace was a gift from my BF's aunt. 
  • Edhardy watch

Comes with lavender color too

Studded and spike shorts and ombre shorts
are so in nowadays.
I've been planning to make may own
bleach, dye and studded short.
I'll make one soon. :) 
...xoxo <3 :)

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