Friday, October 5, 2012

Collar & Leopard

This is what I wear yesterday when me and my friends went out for a walk. We haven't seen each other for months now so I was excited to see them again. You wouldn't imagine the fun we had. We we're just laughing the whole time we were together. 
We went for a bite in the same place we always ate when we are going to the mall. *sigh how i just missed them.
Then after some chit chats, we visited our friend who has just recently gave birth. Oh! how beautiful her baby girl is. They named her Kaylie. And the laughter never stops. I look forward to seeing them again soon. :)

Do you like my the black detail on my collared blouse?
I made that! :)

Blouse: Little Nook

Leopard Print Pants: Folded & Hung

Spike Bracelets

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