Friday, November 9, 2012

Fan Dress

What I'm wearing:
Lily Dress Lily boutique
Michaela bag Michaela
on shoes Staccato
Necklace F2m
Braided belt Mango
Bracelets Purple Mint

Don't you just love this dress? So pretty! I have lots of reasons why I love this dress... First the pleats, when you open it up it looks like a big Japanese fan. See? That's why I called it FAN dress. Second the neutral colors because it compliments my skin tone. Third this dress fits perfectly. Not too tight and not too  loose. And lastly I just love how comfortable and flow y it goes. I can run around with out worrying about it. This dress is what I wore last week on my friends wedding. I'll be uploading the wedding photos soon after I done editing it. :)
Hope you love this Fan dress too. <3

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