Thursday, September 27, 2012

Peplum Skirt

About a week ago or 2 when I was so bored watching tv, I couldn't find a decent show to watch so I kept on changing the channel until I  reach the ftv show (fashion tv). Are you watching ftv too? This is the show I usually watch to check what's the new trends in fashion. As I was watching I saw this beautiful collection of clothes. And the one that I fell in love with was the peplum skirt. OMG! I just can't keep my eyes off that skirt.
I wanted to have one too.

So I browsed the net to find a cheaper price of peplum skirt. Most of them are a lil bit prizy. Sheshhhh~
But luckily I found a cheaper version of the skirt on my friends online shop. Yey!! :)

Floral peplum skirt in lavander. I paired it with purple tank top.So cute right? So happy now I own a peplum skirt too. :)
And the bonus is these skirt is so cheap.
Bought it on my friends online shop for only php220.

I still want to have one pair of peplum skirt or a dress...
So here are some inspired photos of peplums.

Don't you just want to grab some of these pretty skirts?

How to wear Peplum Skirt:

Now are you in love with peplum skirts like me??ahaahahha :)

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