Thursday, September 27, 2012

Fashion Inspired

Don't you just wonder what fashion trends will be out soon. What's in & what's not for every season. How about next year? or next month? or next week? Fashion always surprises me a lot. Those new trends of shoes, make up, dress, shirt etc. Its just amazing seeing fashion evolves. Today it will be a hit trend then every body is buying it and the next thing you new there's a new trend again.One things for sure fashion never ends...

Every fashion has its own categories, every season has its own style. And every style and trends inspires me.
Here are some styles that are inn today. Do you go with the flow or do you have your own fashion style?
Some of the items here just makes me drool! ahahahaha :)

 Floral pants

This floral pants are so cute I want to have one. Looks refreshing and girly at the same time comfortable to wear.

The Skirts

 Look at that beautiful playful skirts. Nice right? Skirts can be worn in different occasions, birthdays, dinner, holidays, in the office or even if you just want to go for a walk. It can be flirty, girly, elegant,chic & stylish. Its inn too in every season and you can wear it with different styles, whatever you like.

How to wear Skirt

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