Saturday, October 20, 2012

DIY: Collar

DIY is so in nowadays. Everyone is making their own home made fashion craft. And as you can see stylish collars are so in fashion. Here's my DIY collar.

Easy step by step DIY

1.Gather the things you need. Pearls,beads, studs, spikes or sequence. (your choice of what design you want to achieve).

 2. You can use a fabric glue or if you want you can sew the beads in the collar. In this DIY I use a needle and thread to secure the pearls in place.

 3. After you prepare all the things you need, make a pattern in your collar. In this diy I made a V-pattern.
 4. Glue or sew the pearls in place, follow the pattern you made.
 5. Repeat to the other side of the collar. And there you go, you're fnish with your diy collar!

So easy step to make your collar pop and look more stylish. You can also try to put lace or different color of beads to make it more chic. Hope you like my DIY: Collar.
And oh I'm sorry if my blouse is crinkled, I just bought it. ahahahaha!
BTW this blouse is thrifted. :)


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