Friday, October 19, 2012

Its More Fun in Boracay Philippines

 If you are into shopping unique craft goodies at low prices Boracay has lots to offer. From crafted decorations to super cute colorful accessories that are hand made...
 Shopping clothes are really fun in Boracay. You can buy lots of beach outfits at a very low prices. They have swimsuits, board shorts, shirts, dresses and manymore. I love to shop in The Original Talipapa and The Mall. They are the popular shopping place in the island.
 Day three in Boracay we transfer from Patio Pacific Hotel located in Station 2 Boracay to Nigi Nigi Too Beach Resort Station 1.
We went for a helmet diving. I think it was 30 feet under water. Its really fun. You can be able to feed the fished with your own bare hands and you'll get to see different types of fishes and corals.
Check out this handicrafts accessories. They are made with sea shells. One of the locals made this for a living. They make lots of beautiful design then sell it with a really low price. I absolutely bought lots of these crafts.

 Here's a very tasty foods from the hotel/resort we checked in "NIGI NIGI Too Resort"
 A must try Calamansi cupcake and home made brewed coffee and tea. Real Coffee is a popular cafe in Boracay. The Calamansi cupcake and coffee are really good.
 The foods in Boracay are so delicious. And the good thing about the foods are they are all fresh from the sea. They have a market called "Talipapa" all the foods are fresh, you can buy the sea foods you want then you can go to a restaurant you like, they will cook the foods you bought from the market. Your choice or if you can choose from their menu of what recipe you like.

 Henna tattoo. Looks really nice right? Almost all the tourists likes henna tattoo. you can choose your own design.
 We got our hair braided. You can choose your own style for your braided hair. Cielo got the colorful yarn braided in her hair.

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