Friday, October 19, 2012

Boracay Philippines

 Meet my sister. 

 Last summer was a blast! We went to the coolest summer place here in the Philippines -Boracay Island. Oh! you will be inlove with this place just as I did! I absolutely had fun.. BIG TIME!!!So the first thing I packed in my bag is my camera and my swim wears. 
 Day one and to we stayed at Patio Pacific Hotel located at station 2 Boracay Island. What I like about Patio Pacific is that they have a pool and a gym plus they offer free buffet breakfast. Oh! You can just imagine how good the foods are.

A must try popular fruit shake in Boracay. I can still imagine how delicious their fruit shakes are. Beats the heat in the beach with this cold shakes.

So relaxing! I had body massage on the beach. I was so tired I slept on the beach while I had a massage. Life at the beach is amazing.

Here's Boracay at night. Party is every where and party last till dawn. This is one of the famous show in the island, the fire dance. You would love the show, the dancers are pretty good. They say you'll need to practice a lot before you become a professional fire dancer.


  1. Looks like you had a blast!
    I've never been the the Philippines but I'll have to visit!

    XX Brytani Sierra

    1. Yes!i had a blast.its one of the best summer ever. :)
      Hope you can visit. The beaches here are really breath taking. :)


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