Friday, December 14, 2012

ROMWE Sale Promotion

ROMWE XMAS Promotion, UP TO 70% OFF plus free Christmas stocking with mysterious gifts inside
From December 19th to 25th. Over $60 (final payment)

Hi guys!! ROMWE is aiming for the highest annual sale of 2012.
And they are looking for someone to help them spread the good news of SALE up to 70% off plus you'll have a Christmas stocking with mysterious gift inside. That is to publish their Xmas sale poster and promotion information on your Facebook and in return they will give reward for those who help. To join this promotion you need to post that photo (on top) on your Facebook wall and get 60 likes or more.To thanks for the help, ROMWE will prepare special award.
They are $30 in freebies and a pair of Romwe design leggings.

I joined this promotion so guys could you help me please?
I need to have more than 60 likes. Badly need your likes. Thank you! To like the photo Please click HERE. :)

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