Sunday, January 27, 2013

Farm Land

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Hi guys!! Sorry for not updating my blog lately.. been really busy! As usual... Anyway I missed you guys. I missed reading your comments and suggestions. It brings delight to my heart hearing from you.

I have something to share to you loves, some of you might know that I am a photographer. Yes! I even made a blog post about how I love photography. But lately I have discover a new talent that I have all along. I'm into making short films, videos and cinematography. I am making wedding cinematic highlights, some call it wedding art films. I just love taking those precious moments and making it timeless. I even made a short film, took it yesterday at the park. I am taking it to the next level. But don't worry guys I'll still continue blogging... :)

Anyway last week I went back to my home town. My Dad & brother wanted me to go with them to visit our farm. I figured that it will be hot, and the heat of the sun might burn my skin so I wore a light clothing but with long sleeves and brought my cowgirl hat. I was even planning to bring my cowboy boots but I forgot it in my room. *sigh!
I was wrong about the weather, when we arrived at the farm, it was windy and cool. So much for weather predictions! ahahahaha.
I really enjoyed taking pictures there.
Hope you like my photos too! What do you think?
So guys this is the short film I made yesterday. Hope you like it! I'll appreciate your comments. :)

"Playtime" from pixiedreamstudios on Vimeo.
 A short film by Pixie Dream Studios
 You can check out PIXIE DREAM STUDIOS page. CLICK HERE


  1. such a cute video & I absolutely love your shots in this post. :)

    xx PH

  2. Awesome photos!

    xoxo Nicola @

    1. thanks nicola!
      love your new pants & boots! :)

  3. Beautiful photos!

    1. thanks Isabel! you have a beautiful photos too. :)

  4. such a nice view and photos!! and also the editing..nice! you do the editing? :)

    1. thanks andrew! yes the view there was really nice.
      yes i do all the editing of my photos. We also have a page in facebook. hope you'll take time to visit and like this page

      thanks u again! :)


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